“Pricing is the moment of truth — all of marketing comes to focus in the pricing decision.” - E. Raymond Corey. Welcome to The Pricing Conundrum, a newsletter written by me, Utpal Dholakia. If you are here reading this, chances are that you are interested in pricing, you’ve read
Here's the slide deck from my keynote speech at the Confederation of Indian Industry's Market Leadership Summit.
Disclosing costs and margins seems admirably principled if risky, but is it more than virtue signaling or misguided activism that simply fizzles out?
Transparency refers to the availability of prices or the disclosure of costs or margins. Understanding these differences is essential to develop an…
This post provides a detailed & practical explanation of how to apply the value-based pricing method in a B2B setting.
The Value Pricing Framework provides managers & entrepreneurs with a comprehensive and versatile approach to approach pricing strategy.
Nothing is more authentic than a pricing strategy that is harmonious with the company's core values. This requires effort, gumption, & many hard…
Cost-based pricing has substantial pros and cons. To use it effectively, entrepreneurs & managers need a complete, balanced understanding of this…
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The Pricing Conundrum