What is The Pricing Conundrum?

Pricing is one of the most significant decisions an entrepreneur or manager can make for their business. And as consumers, prices have dramatic effects on our buying decisions, personal finances, and our enjoyment of our purchases.

Pricing is an endlessly fascinating subject, an amalgamation of consumer psychology, microeconomics & marketing which throws up new phenomena, serious outcomes, and unintended consequences week in and week out. There’s always something new and interesting to look at and learn from.

In The Pricing Conundrum, I am leaning on my two-plus decades of academic research expertise and consulting experience to look into pricing matters from different industries using my own unique perspective.

In each occasional email, I will cover one or more pricing issues. My take on pricing stories in the news, and my interpretation & assessment of academic pricing research, and what it means for managers and consumers is fair game. From time to time, I will post a detailed discussion about one particular pricing concept or phenomenon. There will also be detailed case studies of pricing decisions that illustrate best practice or lessons from pricing decisions gone wrong, and discussions and explanations of pricing tools.

If you’re a consultant or manager, I want to contribute to your professional pricing acumen. For entrepreneurs, I want to help you navigate the consequential pricing decisions you have to make to launch new products and services and grow your customer base. If you are a consumer, I want to help you make smarter, more informed shopping decisions.

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Utpal Dholakia

Marketing professor at Rice University & independent consultant. Writes about marketing and consumers.